The Auto Spa Mississauga offers auto car polishing, car repairs, car wax, auto detailing, interior car shampooing, wiper replacement, automobile tire replacement, rims sales, tire repair, wheel alignment, repair car headlights, car headlight cleaning, general car repairs, rust spots, rust protection, automotive window tint, remove car window tint, tune up.
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Mechanical Repair

The Auto Spa Ltd. is here to help with any general preventative and mechanical repairs from a basic oil change to repairing a motor. The longer you wait will increase the damage on your vehicle. Come in and get a tune-up so we can give it a once over. If you need a tow, give The Auto Spa Ltd. a call and we can arrange that.

Ask us for your personal tow card next time you visit The Auto Spa Ltd.. Keep it handy in your wallet (for those emergencies). Once you experience partial breakdown of your vehicle save yourself the tow charge. Which may be $85 or more. Save your money for your needed car repairs. Are you experiencing frequent stalling, overheating or brake failure?

Warning Signs

Even with these warning signs, you are able to operate the vehicle in a normal fashion for quite some time. Your vehicle may be hard to start. You may experience hearing odd noises. The steering on your car may be pulling to the left. The car drives, but will need an eventual repair. Look for the tell tale signs: grinding brakes? rough idle (often caused by the need for a tune-up)? or poor shock absorption?

In your busy schedule, you can't afford to wait longer than you should to get necessary repairs made to your vehicle. The longer you wait, you will increase the damage on your vehicle or else causing more danger. The Auto Spa Ltd. cares about you and your safety.

Watch for the warning signs. If you are unsure of some noise that your vehicle is making, bring it in and we can diagnose the problem right then and there.

Auto/bike Tune-ups
Preventative engine care including tune-ups and lube, oil and filter service - for the life of your car.
Engine rebuilt
Complete removal of the front end before rebuilding it.We can handle everything from full engine rebuild to performance enhancements - to put more life in your car.
Car Brake Repair
Brake inspection is important when you have a tune up. Get The Auto Spa Ltd. to inspect your brakes.
Repair Oil Change
Need for Speed? We do performance as well.
Auto Spa Videos
The Auto Spa featured on Episode 1 of Redemption Inc. on CBC
Click here to see episode #1 of Redemption Inc. featuring The Auto Spa and Todd Wirtz
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