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Rust Protection

Rust can occur year round, though it is most prominent in the winter months. Adding salt to the mixture of water, iron and oxygen causes the rust to grown more rapidly. It collects in the seams and crevices of the doors and body panels, resulting in serious rust problems. Doing an Annual Rust Protection can protect your car for a full year and can be done year round.

Already have rust spots? Let us remove and treat those areas to make them look brand new again!

Car Care Tip

Rust protection treatment protects your vehicle for a full year. It is not necessary to treat your vehicle in the fall, when most people bring their cars to The Auto Spa Ltd. for their annual rust protection. The spring and summer months have proven to be the best period for spraying vehicles with rust protection. The mild temperature allows our product to fully penetrate and protect the necessary rust prone areas, resulting in full protection against rust in the fall and harsh winter months.

Rust Protection
Regular application of rust protection will bond to all surfaces for long lasting protection, helps reduce costly repairs.
Preventative Measures
Salt sun and weathering creates rust spots. Detailing your car twice a year and keep it clean at The Auto Spa Ltd. is good prevention.
Severe rust damage
Car floor-from inside the car. Rust proofing prevents something like this from happening.
Dr. Todd to the rescue
This 40-year-old car had severe rust. Now it looks like it came from the showroom.
Auto Spa Videos
The Auto Spa featured on Episode 1 of Redemption Inc. on CBC
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