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Meet Todd Wirtz

Todd Wirtz For over twenty-five years I have owned and operated The Auto Spa with the determination to create an exceptional experience for my clients and for their vehicles. I’ve been a lover of cars for all of my life and it shows in every aspect of my business. I’m obsessed with doing it the right way and running things mechanically correct. People even claim I talk to cars and can see and hear things that even high technology equipment can miss. That may be true. Perhaps I have Extra Sensory Carception!

I appreciate the best and fastest things in life and these are celebrated on the walls of our reception lounge and throughout the building. My friendships and community mean everything to me. You’ll see that on display proudly as well.

The team that I’ve built over the years shares my values and my passion for treating every automobile as a work of drivable art. We’ll work hard to make your vehicle look amazing and help it to stay that way, just as it was designed to be.

At The Auto Spa I am the Chief Executive Car Lover. I’d like the opportunity to prove that to you as I have with thousands of clients since 1989.
  Todd Wirtz at The Auto Spa Ltd. is the Boss Hoss Dealer in Ontario. The Boss Hoss is a motorcycles with a General Motors V8 engines and a semi-automatic transmission. Before you buy your Boss Hoss, talk to Todd, who will answer all your questions. Watch the website for the next annual Boss Hoss Show at The Auto Spa Ltd.

Click here to learn more about the Boss Hoss or go to the offical Boss Hoss website.
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The Auto Spa featured on Episode 1 of Redemption Inc. on CBC
Click here to see episode #1 of Redemption Inc. featuring The Auto Spa and Todd Wirtz
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