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Mr.Bubble Newsletter

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New connections - WIFI in your car

Chrysler released its UConnect in-car WiFi option. We could add "buy a Dodge Avenger" to the list, but we probably won’t. In-car WiFi will in all likelihood remain an expensive curiosity until infrastructure upgrades allow true long-range mobile broadband access.

Information Week says the long-promised and much-hyped in-car WiFi system will be available next week at Chrysler dealerships (stop in — they’ll be very glad to see you). Expect to shell out big money for it, though: $500 for the router,$50 to install it, $35 to activate the service, $29 a month to use it and $5 a month for rust-proofing and clear coat. You’ll have to own your Chrysler now that its stopped leasing cars, and you’ll pay almost $2,700 to read Autopia behind the wheel of your new 300.

Who’d pay that kind of money to surf the Web in traffic? And is Chrysler’s system the future of in-car WiFi?

Chrysler’s service, provided by AutoNet Mobile, most likely will appeal to a niche market of users business people, for example — who need access on the road, says Richard Robinson, an analyst at tech research firm iSuppli. Robinson, who used to work for Alpine, doesn’t expect Chrysler’s move to have much impact on other in-car media like satellite radio over the short term.

"They can co-exist," he said. You won’t see internet radio replace satellite radio, for example, because that "is too much of a jump. It’s not a good enough alternative."

The long-term outlook is much different. Robinson calls Chrysler’s early EVDO cellular router system a Trojan horse that portends the coming of viable mobile WiMAX, a wireless standard that makes WiFi look like dialup. That kind of speed and coverage could make in-car internet access commonplace, kill satellite radio and drastically change navigation. And it could happen as soon as 2012.

Thanks Frederick! Pick up your "Deluxe" car freshener lasts 6 month - for keeping it fresh.

What color should you pick for your next car?

Feng Shui will tell you what is the best colour of car to buy. Use the KUA calculator to find your number.
Kua No. Money/Success Color
1 Green, Purple
2 Yellow, Brown, Taupe, Beige
3 Red, Pink, Burgundy
4 Blue, Black, Purple
5 Yellow, Brown, Taupe, Beige
6 Gray, Silver, White, Pearl
7 Gold, Silver, Gray, White, Pearl
8 Yellow, Brown, Beige, Taupe
9 Dark Green, Brown

At The Auto Spa Ltd., we can paint your car any colour pick!!

Car detailing - the non toxic way!

A salesman was driving to his clients in all kinds of weather. One day when it was raining, he met a farmer who gave him a potato. He took the potato from the farmer, sliced it in half and rubbed it all over his windshield. The farmer told him that he will see a lot better on rainy days. Right after that, the rain started to glide off his windshield, instead of collecting spatters of rain drops on the glass. He could see a lot better. "This is great!" said the salesman. "It really works!"
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