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The Manicure: $199*

Your car's Exterior is carefully Hand Washed & Towel Dried. Your Wheels & Tires are Cleaned and Dressed to look terrific. One of our experts then does a thorough paint inspection. With this package, an exclusive two step process is done to restore lustre to your car's paint finish. A paint surface Pre-Clean Polish Protection Treatment and then a Brazilian Palm Wax Shine are applied. With this process, we gently remove minor imperfections such as swirl marks and abrasions on your painted surfaces and create a brilliant and protected finish. This lightly renews the weathered paint on your car, caused by all the things that you've taken it through. It not only removes minor topical paint abrasions but also restores your surface luster… Perfect for great exterior results!

~ ~ Add the "Sun Block" Treatment: $169: This is our special Paint Protection that guards against everything from Atmospheric Decay, UV Rays, Sap & Salt ... to Bird Droppings. Applied after the above package for a durable finish!

~~ Add Dent Removal, Scratch Removal, High Speed Polish, Paint Repair and Collision Restoration - and much more. (Ask about our professional Deodorizing services!)

… All are part of The Auto Spa experience!

First time customers who book online save 10%!

*All prices subject to review of existing vehicle condition, with final pricing agreed prior to commencement of work.*

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