Car & Bike Restoration

Here at The Auto Spa on Laird we restore your car to mint condition.

The services we provide are:

  1. Body work and paint
  2. Sheet metal and fiberglass work
  3. Custom painting and Collision repair
  4. Chassis restoration
  5. Engine re-building
  6. Custom high performance engine building
  7. Interior restoration
  8. Stock and Custom exhaust installation

Restoration – a work of love

This fine, late model truck should keep the guys busy for a while.

Complete restoration

The exterior of this car has been completely restored, time to work on the interior.

Water – flood damage (boat)

Compete restoration – view of interior water damage (i.e. sunk)

Restoration showroom

The last step in restoring any vehicle, polish to a mirror shine!

Restoration Tip:

Some car lovers will get a car restored that has sentimental value. Before you start, make sure you have a solid car. Ask for Todd at The Auto Spa on Laird to inspect the car you want to restore before you begin. He may come out to see the car before you start this expensive project. Dr.Todd makes house calls!

Get back to showroom condition with The Auto Spa on Laird
Book online or Call Todd at 905‑569‑6908 for your appointment.


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