Experience THE AUTO SPA ON LAIRD Treatment

Our professional car care packages start at just $30 to over $450, depending upon your vehicle’s special needs and the restorative care it requires. Here are a few of our most popular delightful indulgences for you and your vehicle!

The Tan (Hand Wash, Thorough Paint Inspection & Brazilian Palm Wax Exterior Shine): $120*

The Mini Facial (Hand Wash, Thorough Paint Inspection & Executive Interior Clean Up): $130*

~ ~ Add Bliss to the Interior (Carpet or Seat Shampoo): $79*

The Exfoliation (Hand Wash, Thorough Paint Inspection, Complete Interior Shampoo and Detailing): $230*

The Manicure (Hand Wash, Thorough Paint Inspection, Exterior Paint Surface Pre-Clean Polish & Brazilian Palm Wax Shine): $229*

The Peace & Solitude Package (Hand Wash, Complete Interior Detail Package with Full Shampoo & Hand Polish): $340*

Returning a Car Lease? Save hundreds of dollars at The Auto Spa on Laird! Our most popular package is The Lease Pleaser Package: $300*. Hand Wash, Thorough Paint Inspection, Engine Shampoo, Brazilian Palm Wax Exterior Shine & Executive Interior Clean Up. (Perhaps you’ll need more – but show us your vehicle and we’ll tell you what’s right for you.)

Incredible Exterior Packages from $448*

~ The Steam Bath (includes Hand Wash, Thorough Paint Inspection, Fall Out Removal, Paint Surface Pre-Clean Polish, Brazilian Palm Wax Shine & Paint Protection application)

Learn More about our Steam Bath!

~ For an extra special Exterior treatment we first professionally Hand Wash & Hand Dry your car before proceeding to a thorough paint inspection. We’ll then recommend an appropriate exterior package depending upon the special condition of your car and its paint surface…

With The Steam Bath for example: We first remove “Fall Out”, the rough texture that can form on your car’s paint finish. Next we apply a paint surface Pre-Clean Polish which gently removes surface wear such as swirl marks and light scratches. This removes minor topical paint imperfections and restores your paint’s luster. A Brazilian Palm Wax Shine is Hand Applied for an exceptionally brilliant finish! Finally, our “Sun Block” Paint Protection is added, guarding from all forms of Atmospheric Decay on your exterior for up to a year. $448*

~~ Add Dent Removal, Scratch Removal, High Speed Polish, Paint Repair and Collision Restoration – and much more. (Ask about our professional Deodorizing services!)

… All are part of The Auto Spa on Laird experience!

First time customers who book online save 10%!

*All prices subject to review of existing vehicle condition, with final pricing agreed prior to commencement of work.*


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