Over the years, The Auto Spa on Laird has had thousands of very satisfied customers. Many of these people have written us letters of thanks for helping their vehicle be the best it can be.

…”I was very comfortable with our conversation and your advice. Not only that, you saved me a LOT of money.”

– Betty B.

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” My wife brought the car to The Auto Spa and you not only took care of the car but also took care of all the dealings with the insurance company.”

– Pedro Pimentel, Architect

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“…We are sincerely grateful that there are still such honest auto specialists out there.”

– Danica Parisien, President of Danica Windows & Doors Ltd.

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“You transformed my ’91 Cavalier into a pristine model that I’m proud to call my own…The time, the effort, but mostly the service I received was A#1”

– Marilyn Armstrong

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“I would lke to thank The Auto Spa for the excellent service I received on my 2000 Chevy Corvette…it is wonderful to know that there are people that take pride in their work and it shows in the quality of service they provide to others.”

– Virgil Macera, owner of Routes Transport International Inc.

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“…As always you were there when I ran into car trouble and needed help… A quick call was all it took to get your help when I was sure I was stuck for good.”

– Peter Berrevoets, Nerds On Site, Inc.

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“…I wanted to tell everyone at the Canadian Auto Spa that you have done a fantastic job. The car speaks for itself, but the service and the price were just as excellent.”

– Catharine Marsiglio, Desktop Studio

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The Auto Spa client testimonials “…Awesome job dude! I totally trust you with all my automotive needs and recommend you to everyone…”

– Mark Biciunas, President of Agorex

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“…Your staff was instrumental in making sure …that my car was cleaned to perfection… everyone commented how clean the inside and outside of the car was…even the little crevasses near the change holder. ”

– Tammy Cunningham, WaudWare Inc.

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“…I am sure you will see a number of our employees down at your location, as we all attempt to wash the winter rust away… Thank you for delivering us from the corner car wash and turning us on to The Auto Spa. Our cars thank you too.”

– Stuart Ballantyne, Manager at Firestone (Corporate Communications)

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“Being in residential painting myself, I strive to provide my customers with outstanding customer service to see repeat business one after another. Your attitude and efforts are to be commended.”

– Mark Douglas, Dynamic Interiors and Exteriors (Specializing in Home Painting)

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“As a president of a company totally dependent on customer satisfaction, I feel it is extremely important to compliment you and your staff. One thing that definitely stands out is your approach to ensuring customer satisfaction is top priority.”

– John Cyopeck, President & CEO of CanPar

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“…The paint has been restored to a like-new condition and certainly does not require repainting. Again, thank you for a job well done!”

– J. Michael Sutton, Transportaction Lease Systems Inc.

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“…Your prompt attention to our cars and working beyond the call of duty makes your service unsurpassed.”

– John O’Meara, President of Together (The Intelligent Choice)

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“I was impressed with The Auto Spa’s speed and efficiency in cleaning our car. Even more, I appreciated your personal care to resolve our emergency the day it happened. That is a quality that in the business world is truly rare.”

– Dr. Bradford Pressman, Mayfield Hts. Foot Clinic

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