Water Damage from Floods and Fire

Prior to buying we can inspect car for water damage or any remnants of previous flood.

Flooding can occur throughout the year and in any part of the country. Consumers may buy a water-damaged car that came from a flooded area without any knowledge of this. Electricals and carpet may have that water damage that is invisible to the untrained eye. Allow The Auto Spa on Laird staff to help you feel assured during an unsure situation.

Flood-fire damage restoration are done by the crew at The Auto Spa on Laird includes working directly with your insurance company to recover losses. The Auto Spa on Laird provides smoke, odour removal; all fire damage recovered.

Car Care Tips

  1. Check the entire car, below the seats, in the trunk and all the crevices for signs of water damage such as silt, mud or rust.
  2. Make sure you check for mildew odour
  3. Go to a trusted mechanic at The Auto Spa on Laird, you will need a pre-purchase inspection (free service) before you purchase a used car. They will check for water damage or dried cracked wiring due to water damage.


Auto Glass Repair

Sometimes bad things happen to good cars. The window was shattered on the drivers side.

Auto Uphostery repair

Lots of interior damage, but nothing that can’t be fixed at The Auto Spa on Laird

Before – water & flood damage

Water will destroy the interior of a vehicle and can lead to rust, mold and rot.

After – water damage rust removal

All cleaned up and ready for the seats and carpeting with rust protection undercoating.


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